But, it appears that being an established customer means nothing to Airbnb. 888 Brannan St.Floor 4San Francisco, CA 94103. NEVER AGAIN! 7 bedrooms, House Shame on you and curse your “Cozy Cottage” to Airbnb Hell. What should I do ? This guy cancels my dates and then throws them back up for availability? or provide me with a towel? I’m about to call my bank and chargeback the money. I lost 1000$ because i booked a place and asked for a cancellation just 2 hours later. Yes, Airbnb has been hell since I’ve started using them regularly. Now I’m going through phone call after phone call to figure this out. Contacter Airbnb. Canada Airbnb advised when I got in touch with them that they had sent emails to my contact address, but I had received non of these. I asked them why they had not made contact via their webmail system or even by sms as some emails may automatically go to junk folder on certain systems. My neighbor’s property is routinely leased for less than a week, and nothing is ever filed with the HOA. Hi and Good afternoon. Host here: You should be able to get 100% of your refund back due to COVID 19. My daughter phoned me to let me know that they could not get inside the property. I don’t even know where/when the booking would be for. She said she would pass it on. Both were conditions that the Host had agreed to provide a refund in the eventuality. I deliberately did not leave a review for my guests as they had not actually stayed with me and I did not want to leave a review that did not accurately represent my personal experience. More BS? Perhaps at least calling the above number will give them this information and maybe they can shut them down. I had also a problem with cancellation. any tips for actually getting their account deleted? We told Michael that is not what was discussed and never once did he try to fix it. and as a traveler I don’t have phone credit to call the international cuatomer service since it is not free!! I need my refund as soon as possible or else i left with the only option that i will post this in Social media, you can take it as warning or a request as i know how much it takes to start a business i don’t like to get people in to hassle, ether i like myself to get hassle, so i am writing this if i am not getting my refund i must take this to social media, Thank You. Hi Wan, were you able to recover your account? first of all they have no such user facility that if they have any issues they can contact them, and the only option left with message them and it is completely up to their wish ether they will respond you or not, ohhh… common forget about asking what you felt about a refund or to find out ether i get it, I am literally wondering why people start business when they don’t consider long term relationship , and they really do for customer. I have called the toll-free number (THANK YOU so much for publicizing that number, otherwise I’d be totally stuck). I was using Airbnb because I couldnt afford a hotel. I have screenshots of their hilarious CS. Floor 4 San Francisco, CA 94117. Here are the main topics listed within Airbnb's Help Center: If you're unable to find what you're looking for in Airbnb's Help Center, you can email or message customer service directly using their Contact page. I raised my concerns about not being able to complete the trip with the AirBnB Host during this 48 hour grace period who reassured me in writing that he would provide a full refund if my trip was cancelled at a later stage due to either Covid travel restrictions, cancelled flights (or both as the case turned out to be.). She was clearly annoyed that she did not get a refund and thought it was OK to take it out on me. ∙ I have also disputed the transaction and seeked legal counsel. They refused to give me the number of the person above them or any identification or verification of whom I was actually speaking with. With that said, more users demand Airbnb customer service such as Airbnb email support. This concerns a third party booking – you got no leg to stand on. It has still not been resolved and the repetitive avoidance of answering my questions have continued. During my 3 month stay, the entire first month and much of the second month so far, there hasn’t been working and or, reliable internet service. Thank god we weren’t hurt, god forbid, you guys do not know how to suffice to your customers. I am so disappointed, as this was my first time using the app. Now, I see my scheduled dates back up for availability for 338 dollars. Now, Airbnb is refusing me services. What terrible customer service. Regarding Airbnb at 647 Metzger Rd. My family has been planing a trip down to New Orleans for a year now and part of that was finding accommodations. Tweets sometimes work. The phone no above now doesn’t work for the UK. 4.Also when I told Air b&b service, I always got the answer it’s policy. But no way for me to do this to let the other customers to know the truth, which means all the expense disappears. Some of its main topics include creating a listing on Airbnb, getting paid, and reservation management. This should be criminal and grounds for his account to be suspended indefinitely. illegal border crossing issues? Recently the internet service has improved however, from day 1 until now, the TV service has been very unreliable and not available at all many times. I am in Peru where my phone does not work. How are you going to help me after they did nothing and left me stranded in a city and state I don’t know. In fact airbnb did not get back in touch with me at all which surprised me. Upon arrival the facilities perform a quick check of the passport or driver’s license. Airbnb should have some quality standards and should partner with hosts who are responsible. I arrived home now still waiting for a response or something and thanks Airbnb I had the worst experience of my life that made me had the worst vacation with my family!!!!! In fact, in the really early days (pre-2014), employees in any department were expected to answer customer service phone calls. They locked me out of my account because “I” or whoever this other person is, has tried too many verification codes. I work from home and heavily rely on a reliable and strong internet connection. We have a tenant who is not paying rent. He says I know. The bank sent me an email about this. The person who was trying to hack your account will be permanently stopped, because the password has been changed. In a 12 story building on the west side of Chicago. The host refused my refund request and airbnb did nothing. This has compounded our grief with anxiety. Our guy friend came over and went and knocked on the door of the hosts bedroom. Send a message to your guest or host, or try calling them. When asking customer service about the policy on this I was given the complete runaround. Here’s our story on the AirBNB site. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t anything I did that caused the cancellation. Here are some examples: Airbnb hosts in an area that has experienced disaster can offer their spaces for free, making it easy for those in need to find accommodation. That is the next option below. Did not refund. Mind you this email they sent was not an high alert email or communicated through the Air BnB app which is the primary form of communication that I’ve been having with Air BnB. Since dealing with them we have not received a cent. I cannot find any other means available to contact them. This may have already been done as I had been told that it was being escalated (or words to that effect) and that you would no longer be involved in the case. I have proof that Airbnb covers-up dangerous conditions/people and knowingly allows them to operate. I just received an email from community support, whatever that is. We then saw that there were roaches in the household and we were fed up!!! Their property is 50′ of lakefront, mine is 150′ and my pier is in the middle of that, I dont wait to be a member you should be able to contact them and get help without have to put your information on thier public site. if you care to look at the communication between us you will see that I was in fact helpful. I am unable to log in or contact the host, since I no longer have an acct. I had booked my daughter and her friends into a b&b in Umhlanga. Its been 3 months and i dont know if i can still get my money that is 7600 pesos. After a few days I had to contact them to ask why I had not received my payment. They deleted it seconds later. Told me they were not allowed. It’s been almost a month since that! Bleeding and vomiting. Also I would never put my guests through the unacceptable conditions Abie did. In all my experience online, never have I ever seen a product, establishment, or service rated a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Airbnb gave a $1,000 credit to a bride-to-be guest after a host canceled her reservation on the eve of her wedding, which had been booked for her bridesmaids. Nous utilisons des cookies et d'autres technologies similaires afin de personnaliser notre contenu, mesurer l'efficacité de nos publicités et améliorer leur pertinence, ainsi que proposer une meilleure expérience. They just would let them know to call me. You may want to address this asap. Reason given was bed had been turned down to inspect condition. Yesterday I received all the amount of money and minutes after they draw back all the amount from my account that they just send me back. Since 2018, Airbnb has proudly partnered with Polaris–a leading anti-trafficking organization and operator of the US Human Trafficking Hotline–to combine their world-renowned expertise with the innovation and scale of the sharing economy to take a modern approach to preventing modern slavery. I am really disappointed with Airbnb and am hoping that there will not be a greater danger to future young women who visit that establishment advertised on the Airbnb website. It was designed to increase confidence in both hosts and guests. So I have all of these on a mail, telling me in 15 working days I will get back all my money. Airbnb poses public danger, they’re a greedy, ruthless and hypocritical company with zero concern for safety and it’s only a matter of time before next guest is harmed or killed in their properties. We’ve had to cancel a trip in Corsica due to COVID-19. I feel fortunate to have only been stymied in trying to warn them of fraud. Tripping is the world's largest search engine for vacation rentals. I’m sure this will get deleted by an AirBNB admin, so we’ll be sharing this everywhere else we can, no one else (any family or human) should ever have to go through what we experienced, ever!! Taxes: Read about income tax, local tax, federal tax, and learn how taxes work on Airbnb. Nicholas, i have just encountered this same airbnb host, getting scammed, please advise if you can on what to do. I can not understand Airbnb Acts!!!!!!!! They even refer you to this website – How messed up is that. I cancelled as I couldn’t get onto the property and got no response from the host whatsoever. After contacting airbnb support from within the app, the Automated reply came and Had code in it to log me out of the app and of course u cannot fully verify because I am using an Indian sim card. The problem had occurred due to the fact we made half the payment on booking in May 2018, in the meantime, our credit card used for the original booking had been changed to a new one with different numbers. The timing was uncanny. I booked a flat for my trip late January for July and i got the confirmation that there are 1 shower, 1bath and seperate toilets from the host before my booking in paris. I ended up having to pay about 70% of the total booking which is absurd as I couldn’t even get onto the property. Also Airbnb asked that I provide them my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google) connections. I don’t feel line being a charity for a host for $3000. I am unable to sleep, infact how will I sleep in this room without a AC?. This should be a no-brainer being that the host agreed to approve a full refund. Hello, I am an Airbnb host with over 13 listings and sometimes guest break rules, like bring pets, extra guests when they are not permitted, wash their babies feces in the sink and clog the pipe system or smoke inside the house when it’s absolutely not okay. Airbnb’s response was that they should do something about it. Trying to get refunds on cancelled trips, I tried 2 different Airbnb “customer service” sites, waited a total of 20 hours, and had no responses. I feel the guest should receive all of their money regardless as to what my cancellation policy is. I used Airbnb for two years and had success. dont make fraud people, What if someone put a scam ad with wrong information? I sent four follow on messages to my resolution center POC, and she never replied. In this blog post, we will answer all the email related questions for both hosts and guests.