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the beier collection

Manfred Beier (1927 - 2002)

The beier collection is a photographic diary of the long life of Manfred Beier, who was born in Berlin, Germany, at Strausberger Platz square in 1927, grew up at allotment gardens in Berlin-Lichtenberg and was deployed as a Flak-assistant during the end of World War II.

Manfred Beier applied 1945 for a job as a "new teacher". These teachers were hired to replace teachers who had been active National Socialists. He worked for decades in the East German school system.

He always carried cameras with him. From 1939 until 2002 he took more than 60,000 pictures of his life, until the Berlin Wall was erected even on his forays into the West, where he could move freely like any other ordinary citizen of East Berlin. The beier collection is a photo diary of German history. And it is the most comprehensive and complete documentation of everyday life in East Germany, in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) - unique in its photographic and cultural-historical value.


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