The COVID-19 crisis represents a common threat for all 27 member states of the European Union; however, Europe has been criticised for being slow to formulate a collective response. And do wealthy people in the Netherlands behave differently to their French counterparts? Building on her extensive experience, Feeney has decided to now focus her research on how organisations transition towards sustainability, under the umbrella of the SBE research theme Sustainable Development. Ten primary schools introduced the Active Living Programme for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Die Universität ist Mitglied im grenzüberschreitenden Hochschulverbund ALMA. Throughout the past years, my passion for statistics and its applications to economic problems has grown and when people ask me about my motivation for pursuing a PhD, I often like to quote Greeta Iyengar: “Knowledge has a beginning, but no end.” There is so much more out there in the field that I am eager to learn about, which cannot possibly be taught in a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Last week, we caught up with BISCI’s business development director Ton Geurts and BISCI’s scientific director Bart Vos to get an update on the institute’s first year and find out about their plans for the future. It is for this reason that Dr. Marie-Christine Fregin and her colleagues joined forces with industry and policymakers to understand how technological change can be transformed into social progress. In this blog post, Riesa shares her own experience, tying this to her research for her master's thesis, which focuses on shifting perceptions towards harmful menstrual practices in Nepal. taken in the 2nd or 3rd year bachelor’s programmes at SBE. We caught up with one of these very students: SBE alumna Josefine Staats.  +31 43 388 5388 During the Dutch Food Week, Bart Vos hosted the interactive workshop ‘Sustainable food, how does it get on our plate?’ at BISCI’s home turf, the Villa Flora in Venlo. By obtaining this re-accreditation, SBE retains the prestigious ‘Triple Crown’ which consists of accreditations awarded by the American AASCB, the British AMBA and the European-wide EQUIS. “Last year, I really got excited when I saw that they were looking for Student Guides. Geert reached the blessed age of 91. The project was officially launched in October 2019, in those hazy, carefree pre-Covid days on the Maastricht terraces. Its three founders met each other at SBE where they launched their first entrepreneurial venture. Course format: Demo/questions and answers/ partly hands-on. If, like most people, you believe that your decisions are a result of a rational analysis of available alternatives, think again! I was born and raised in Vietnam, and as a student from a developing country, I found the financial burden a real barrier to pursuing international opportunities. Language: English. A unique aspect of this debate was that it targeted in particular young voters. The SCV is a collaboration that seeks to work with government, companies and academia to deliver joint goals that result in great outcomes for all involved and the wider environment, society and economy. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day comes around every year, tempting, taunting us and playing with our minds. In this article, we spoke with two of the PhD candidates from the School of Business and Economics participating in the EU-funded project LIMES to find out what drew them to the project and to get an update on their research so far. Their mission: to find out how AI and robotisation will affect the labour market and what policies are best suited to cushioning the blow – and hopefully tide me over to retirement. How can we take advantage of these opportunities to facilitate lifelong learning?” The event for high school students has been going strong since 1995. For each programme there is a student with whom you can chat, a Virtual Open Day that you can visit (including a 360-degree four-way tour), and we are also currently organising our Virtual Experience Days. Business economics, meanwhile, is about solving specific problems within companies (How can we as a company get consumers to choose our product?). The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) provides high-quality education to students and conducts excellent research, offering an international perspective in the fields of economics and international business administration. The two-day conference brought together academics and industry experts who work on one of the most fundamental questions in data science: discerning cause and effect from mere correlation. “Make them write reviews about their learning experience,” advises Dominik Mahr of Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics in a research paper published in the March 2018 issue of the Journal of Marketing. Young people under education now will have seven different jobs – and five of these do not exist today. Get a feel of what it’s like to study International Business or Economics and Business Economics at... Get a feel of what it’s like to study Fiscal Economics at Maastricht University. How do you empower citizens and Euroregions within the European Union? For specific questions, we have FAQ's for students. To help you better understand what you can expect next academic year, please visit the following page to learn more about the educational format for the first two periods, introducation days and student life at the School of Business and Economics. We found that people mistrust algorithmic systems that take time to make their predictions. We have built a special online platform for you to explore. The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) provides high-quality education to students and conducts excellent research, offering an international perspective in the fields of economics and international business administration. SBE) Kapoenstraat 2 6211 KW Maastricht. As concerns for their safety grew, they made the difficult decision to return to their homes in Germany. You may not be as immune to these marketing tactics as you think, but not necessarily in the ways you might expect. Minderbroedersberg 4-6 Financial Times lauded SBE … From 10 to 15 September 2018, the cross-border and multidisciplinary Euregio Summer School in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion was organised for the first time. Gefällt 18.020 Mal. Owning your own business is a dream for many people. We understand that, in these uncertain times, it is difficult to assess what the new academic year will look like. After one month on the job, they share their first impressions and thoughts. UM is the sixth best Young University in the world. At Maastricht University, the bachelor’s in Medicine is very practical; you’ll come in contact with real patients in the early stages of your studies. The International Relations Office (IRO) of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) is responsible for all incoming and outgoing bachelor's and master's exchange students. The group investigates the value-added through AR applications in a variety of B2C and B2B contexts, such as online and offline retail, warehousing and logistics. In this blog post, he shares 5 valuable lessons he took away from his experience that might be helpful to other aspiring entrepreneurs. According to his oldest son Gert Jan, with whom Geert co-authored major work and who will go on carry the torch, his father was ‘ready to go’. Faculty of Law Bouillonstraat 1-3 6211 LH Maastricht 4. The news of the prize was received with great enthusiasm here in Maastricht. The … Diese Vielseitigkeit ist allgegenwärtig. Courses 2020-2021 Year Down Academic year selection: ... What do you want to Search Bachelor Courses The International scholarship is open to all EU/EEA students who want to pursue International Business, Economics and Business Economics at SBE. Maastricht University is one of the leading research universities in Netherlands, offering a big variety of bachelor and master programs in English. Its seven research themes focus on interdisciplinary solutions to today's global challenges. Twitter You get to be your own boss, realise your creative vision and interact with a wide range of companies and individuals. This procedure usually involves one or more examinations on specific pre-university subjects relevant to the bachelor’s programme. In the bachelor’s programme in Psychology, you'll learn about the mental processes of humans, including memory, language, thinking and perception. Housed at SBE, the Augmented Research Initiative is a global research group dedicated to studying AR technologies for Marketing. Josefine is the Founder and CEO of KULAU, a company she launched in 2009 that specialises in innovative organic food products. During the Bachelor’s Open Day, which I visited, I fell in love with the enthusiasm and atmosphere here. While the focus of the Dutch Food Week is mainly on what we eat, Bart’s workshop addressed how we get food where we want to consume it. The Netherlands  SBE has around 160 exchange contracts with universities and … Instead, you work in small groups in our unique Problem-Based Learning setting, seeking innovative solutions to global questions. If the host university has a three-year bachelor’s programme, 2nd and 3rd year courses will be accepted. At SBE, you're not simply one more face in a crowded lecture hall. Emerging Markets is the latest specialisation in the bachelor’s programmes in International Business and Economics & Business Economics at Maastricht University. Prerequisites: Participants are expected to follow the online tutorial Finding information for your research before attending the workshop. Yet she is now managing director of the family business, Kuijpers, with more than 1,300 employees and an annual turnover of almost €250 million. As these measures have consequences for staff and students of the School of Business and Economics (SBE), we created FAQ pages to provide you with specific SBE information. Bachelor’s study programmes at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of Maastricht University (UM), as required by article 7.13 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW). How did you come up with this genius entrepreneurial idea?”, “I first had the idea of the European jersey coming home from an Interrail journey in 2014, having had an absolutely amazing trip through Europe… I was determined to show the entire world how much I identify as a European. To help you better understand what you can expect next academic year, please visit the following page to learn more about the educational format for the first two periods, introducation days and student life at the School of Business and Economics. YouTube, For specific questions, we have FAQ's for, Virtual Experience Day | International Business & Economics and Business Economics, Virtual Experience Day | International Business / Economics and Business Economics, Economics & Business Economics is 3rd in the national Keuzegids ranking, UM is the sixth best Young University in the world, Financial Times lauded SBE in best practice examples of sustainability, ethics and social purpose in teaching and education methods, Triple Crown accreditation for the School of Business and Economics, 3-year, full-time bachelor’s, taught in English, Truly international faculty: More than 50 nationalities, Weekly: 8-16 hrs classes, 24-32 hrs group work/individual study, Spend a semester abroad and gain international experience, Early application deadline: 15 January 2021 (for both EU/EEA-students and Non-EU/EEA-students), Ultimate application deadline: 1 May 2021 (EU/EEA-students), 1 April 2021 (Non-EU/EEA-students), Education and Examination Regulations (EER). This unique combination ensures that you develop a broad professional perspective. Students FAQ: Maastricht University School of Business and Economics SBE BSc to SBE MSc: admission without additional admission requirements. In the skillslab, you’ll also practice medical skills, such as how to give a patient bad news. What do the Basilica of Saint Servatius, the bear pit at Aldenhofpark and the gate to the university library have in common? In a recent paper, published in the journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Making Processes we (myself and colleagues from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University, Dr. Philippe van de Calseyde and Dr. Anthony Evans) found that trust in an algorithmic system depends on how quickly or slowly a prediction is made. Across a range of programmes including the MaastrichtMBA and EuroMBA, UMIO's high-quality learning trajectories bring together academic experts, industry professionals and students in a dynamic, international, small-scale learning environment focused on practical outcomes for real-world challenges. UMIO’s MaastrichtMBA ranks 13th globally according to CEO Magazine’s Global Executive MBA Ranking 2019. In the skillslab, you’ll also practice medical skills, such as how to give a patient bad news. These are the questions explored by Prof. Dr. Odekerken-Schröder's and Prof. Dr. Mahr's international research group here at SBE. I really perceive Maastricht as the heart of Europe, and so I totally think this is a Maastricht story.”, “I had loved my gap year abroad after high school so much, that when I came back I decided to change my whole plan of studying Law in Belgium. These pages contain more information about applying for a bachelor's programme at Maastricht University (UM). Louis Morgner, an International Business student here at the school of Business and Economics, wanted to gain some hands on experience in the business world, so he decided to launch a start-up next to his studies! International Business is 5th in the national Keuzegids ranking Keuzegids Universiteiten 2019. The COST Action award, worth some 500,000 euros and supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020, will facilitate the creation of the European Network for Game Theory (GAMENET), with Maastricht University as its leader. Maastricht University SBE and Maastricht School of Management partner to offer a new MBA Program in Maastricht, Netherlands. To appease fans frustrated by the lack of mainstream media coverage, we asked one of their number, Lea Bottmer, to tell us more. Campaign 'For Each Other 2020'! Get a feel of what it’s like to study Econometrics & Operations Research at Maastricht University. Facebook 'Recovering ecosystems due to an economic crisis will not solve the problem of global warming if we return to do “business as usual” after the pandemic fades. The admissions procedure, admission requirements and the application deadlines can differ per programme. 6200 MD Maastricht 6. On December 23rd 2019, Maastricht University suffered a major cyber-attack, more specifically a ransomware attack. Lead by Professor Nancy Bocken, CIRCULAR X will develop a new field of research on experimentation with circular service business models (CSBMs) in the transition to a circular economy. Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, Maastricht. SBE’s approach revolves around small-scale teaching methods supported by an electronic learning environment, a portfolio of international study programmes, and strong incentives for top-quality research. “Maastricht is definitely a place where you meet people who are inspiring and think in a European way… it’s where I met Ben [UCM alumnus Benedikt Kau, WhyEurope’s co-founder] for example. Kibo, founded by Robin, Ramses and Ronan, is a personal career coach powered by Artificial Intelligence. Jens and Chris, two students from Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics (SBE) were spending this semester abroad in South Africa when the corona crisis hit. Many local businesses in Maastricht were hit hard by the consequences of the corona pandemic. Twitter Estate investors financially benefit from sustainable buildings, says associate professor of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. This would be her first time in Europe and she had big plans. Maastricht University has its own international maths competition: the Mathematical Modelling competition Maastricht (MMM). Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities. It is a continuous and positive attitude towards learning and development both personally and professionally… often the distinction between professional and personal development will vanish.”, “As a Student Guide you are encouraged and expected to help our fresh batch of students become familiarised with SBE, what was in it for you?” to the public (How do government policies affect consumer behaviour?). Applicants who are pursuing courses at SBE can apply for the Maastricht University SBE … Instagram This opens up a wide range of career opportunities to you and will help you succeed at whichever path you choose.  study[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl Certain bachelor’s programmes give you the opportunity to complete a colloquium doctum procedure if you don't have the necessary educational requirements or diploma. In May, Dr Jarrod Ormiston, Assistant Professor in Social Entrepreneurship, was a keynote speaker at the Changemakers Summit in Lesvos where he presented his insights from the Inter agency (UNCTAD / IOM / UNHCR) Policy Guide on Entrepreneurship for Refugees and Migrants. The corona crisis has affected many companies worldwide. It’s designed to give you a realistic impression of our study programmes and student life in Maastricht. Today, we sit down with one of these academics: Professor Antoon Pelsser who regularly contributes to the nation-wide debate surrounding pension funds in the Netherlands. Read more about Jens and Chris's experience and how they made the best of a difficult situation. I learned so much during my first year in Maastricht and I wanted to share my experiences and little tips with others, so this was the perfect opportunity. We spoke to several academics with expertise in the field of development economics to hear their initial thoughts. One of the measures companies are considering taking to recover financially is to reduce training budgets for employees. Instead, we should work on improving our economic system in a way that it reduces its reliance of the depletion of natural resources and an ever-increasing economic growth.’. Keep reading. Associate Professor of economics Christian Seel shares with us his summer plans and, as you'll quickly find out, they consist of a lot more than three months of sipping cocktails on the beach. The aim is to stimulate interdisciplinary work that looks beyond boundaries to thematic commonalities and collaborative solutions, and shares the methods and excitement of discovery with students and professionals. How can we help you? The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated digitalisation, intensifying considerations of how society should deal with the rapid increase of technology-driven change. Global Studies is a totally new programme which started this year. His research into the financial effects of sustainable construction is discussed in an article in the Huffington Post. We spoke to several academics with expertise in the field of game theory to hear their initial thoughts. For me, being accepted to Maastricht is an important step on the road to success in both my academic and career journey". Based on your bachelor’s degree, you will be able to start the master’s programme s as listed below without other admission requirements than graduating from your bachelor’s programme. The two leaders discussed the state of the province and the planet, how to ensure young people are listened to and empowered, and how UNU-MERIT's staff and fellows are ambassadors for the UN. I believe that equality of opportunity does exist for anyone who is persistent and hard-working. It’s designed to give you a realistic impression of our study programmes and student life in Maastricht. This means that you are continuously exchanging knowledge, experiences and opinions with both fellow students and academics. We have built a special online platform for you to explore. Last year, the Maastricht Sustainability Institute joined forces with the public health service (GGD) of Zuid Limburg to investigate the influence of 'green in the neighborhood' on the health of residents in Maastricht. "Receiving a High Potential Scholarship for the Master’s programme in Business Research still feels like a dream has turned into reality.