The main goal is to select and develop an excellent team for the passage of the Company, the Underground and become a leader in the Arena.. The Game story revolves around the magical fictional kingdom of Teleria, which was conquered by the Dark Lord Siroth. This guide is designed mostly for beginners, for whom it is important not to miss anything for fast progression. RAID SHADOW LEGENDS | BEGINNER GUIDE 2020 | EASY PROGRESSION RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based role-playing gacha game. What you should know about in advance, read next. The first three exist in balance with each other. For this reason, Raid: Shadow Legends includes both Manual and Auto battle modes. Others players may be more enthusiastic about the progression and collecting aspects of the game. He will explain everything in detail that you need to know. RAID: Shadow Legends Campaign XP (Experience Points) and Silver Guide for Normal (4 Energy), Hard (6 Energy), Brutal (8 Energy) and Nightmare (16 Energy) Campaign! Your job, as the leader of a band of champions, is to rally the forces of Telaria, plow through every campaign stage, and sock the Dark Lord Siroth squarely in the face, ensuring he will never get up again. They are Magic, Spirit, Force, and Void. The goal of this guide is to provide general gearing advice for different types of champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, along with an overview of how gear works, what each set of gear does, and why certain gear is better to use in certain situations. I see a lot of guides with early game progression (one from wiki here), but see a ton of questions / lack of content around the mid game progression. Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile online role-playing game in which you have to collect heroes and lead them into battle. Raid Shadow Legends guide and tips: – This article covers how to play Raid Shadow Legends, about the battles, champions, aura skills, artifacts, and other things such as masteries, getting stronger, upgrades for champions, etc. I would recommend leveling your champions at Brutal Campaign Stage 12-3 with your Speed Farmer as Nightmare Campaign would take a longer time to complete per run as the enemies are much more stronger! There are 4 kinds of Affinities (or Factions) in RAID: Shadow Legends, and in order to play the game easier, you need to understand what they are. In this guide, we teach you how to reroll and thereby start over in Raid: Shadow Legends so you can get your hands on some brand new champions, a new starter, and … Here is List of All Campaign Stages with Experience Point (EXP) and Silver Reward after winning the match. Here I will give a suggested progression that I used to take my second account into being able to take the top chest of brutal as a F2P player in less than 3 months. This will help you choose the best starter in the game for rapid progression! Back to the raid shadow legends guide. Josh For some, the tactics of battle are everything in RAID: Shadow Legends. The game is based on pumping and collecting heroes.. RAID: Shadow Legends is an immersive role-playing game with a focus on collecting characters and customizing them. Have a look at this epic raid shadow legends beginner guide video by Chofly Elite. Understand all of its aspects with this Raid Shadow Legends guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for newbies. Using this chart you can Easily See which Stage is good to farm for EXP and Silver. In this raid shadow legends guide and tricks, you can explore the general and PRO secrets about best heroes in the game..